Our Story

We are a non-profit, volunteer network whose purpose is to provide mentorship and leadership development to the underserved community in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to learn from engaging with others and to build expertise in leading effectively.

GLEAM came about as a result of a few kindred spirits deciding to make an impact by paying it forward. One call to action on LinkedIn from our founder, Sanjiv Razdan in April 2020 led to an outpouring of support and camaraderie from a wide cross section of industry colleagues! The core team of GLEAM and volunteering Mentors have all benefited from generous amounts of exposure to learning, development and mentoring during the course of our professional careers. We now feel compelled to find ways of making a difference to others in a manner that will be way bigger than anything we could do individually! We have set a bold and compelling vision for ourselves and our community - we aim to be a truly global, and the most effective mentoring network for the restaurant and foodservice industry community.